Carl Legault


Business intelligence

Harnessing of information is essential to enable organizations to make informed decisions and manage their implementation: Business Intelligence is aimed at decision-makers at all levels of an organization who wish to take action quickly in visualizing, in real time, all the performance indicators (KPI) without having to manipulate the data for hours.

Setting up dashboards specific to the needs of key roles in your company gives your employees autonomy and agility that allows them to stay informed and make the right decisions in real time. It is therefore effective for all departments.

Data modeling and Data Integration

Data modeling is the process of describing the structure, associations, relationships and constraints of available data. It is used to establish standards and code rules for managing the organization's data and ensures access to reliable, quality data that you can trust.

Data integration, on the other hand, is the process of combining data from multiple original sources to provide users with a single unified view.

Process automation

Automating a business process means entrusting a set of repetitive and/or energy-consuming tasks to computer systems rather than human resources. The objective is to automate simple or complex tasks to allow employees to concentrate on tasks where they are good, where they have real added value.

Tailor-made digital transformation coaching

Does the task seem colossal? Let yourself be guided towards solutions that are much less complex than you might imagine. With all the technological tools at your fingertips and applied in the development of your solutions, you will be able to benefit from the first improvements much faster than you think.

"Working with Carl means collaborating with a super intelligent guy, who through his curiosity manages to understand all the issues of each stakeholder, to create the optimal solution towards a more than perfect implementation! Carl is intelligence, collaboration, excellence. It’s the combination of know-how AND know-who!"
Vice President Sales
Lynn Lauzier
"Carl has the ability to interact, understand, question and respond to the needs of users, from senior management to front-line employees. He is a real change accelerator, capable of making data talk to promote rapid and informed decision-making."
Vice President Operations
Steeve Côté
«Carl is a true artist: he has an incredible ability to listen and understand complex business situations and transform them in to simple and actionable solutions. In my 35 years of work experience in many departments, I have yet to work with a person as helpful towards others in demystifying the complexities of BIG DATA».
Logistics Director
Mario Rocha
"Carl is the most dedicated, authentic, and sincere person you will ever meet. He listens to your needs with a true understanding of the operational flow, makes your data come to life and delivers beyond expectations."
Manager of Quality Control - Finish Goods
Anick Vandevenne
"I have nothing but praise for Carl’s work ethic and dedication to meeting and exceeding customer needs. Carl is organized and methodical in his approach to troubleshooting and has a keen ability to view processes from the user’s perspective. His ability to think outside the box and quickly pivot and develop tools was instrumental in enabling us to effectively see what is transpiring real-time."
Director Quality & Compliance, and Raw Materials Management
Reed Walker


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